LAS VEGAS (IHCT) – The Clark County School District Police and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded to a deadly vehicle accident on Windmill and Torrey Pines on Feb. 3 at around 8:44 am.

According to police, CCSDP attempted to make a traffic stop near Sierra Vista High School, on a black minivan that had a juvenile driver behind the wheel, on suspicion of activity related to narcotics.

The suspect attempted to speed away during the stop in an eastbound direction on W. Windmill Lane when it hit the red Nissan Sentra.

The Sentra was heading north on South Windmill Lane when it reached the intersection with a green light.

The suspect in the black minivan ran the red light and struck the Sentra on the left side, killing the driver.

The suspect was taken to an area hospital and was arrested for DUI Resulting in Death and Reckless Driving Resulting in Death.